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Whether you are here to connect with a deceased loved one, learn how to communicate with Spirit using your own intuitive gifts, or receive insight into your souls journey– you’re in the right place.

Hello, I’m Laura

I’m a professional Psychic Medium who is actively helping thousands of people deepen their connection with Spirit.

During our readings we are able to help you connect with deceased loved ones, Guides, Angels and others who have messages for you. Together we can shift underlying energies to bring in profound healing and transformation.

I am best known for my gentle and compassionate approach as a Spirit Messenger, Teacher and Mentor. My work as a Forensic Oracle is frequently called upon to help with missing people and cold cases across North America.

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‘Predictions and visions’ are wonderful but my clients come to me for so much more. Through the help of Spirit I’m able to offer a well-balanced approach to your own personal journey of healing, discovery and expansion. With a specialization in the areas of “Soul Signatures” (energetic ties, past-lives) and “Sacred Paths” (lifelong lessons, soul contracts) my mission is to help re-connect you with parts of yourself that are ready to be shifted, integrated and supported.


I’m here to help you build your connection with Spirit; either directly through private readings or by participating in one of my online classes, guided meditations, events or workshops. I’m here to help you benefit from the insight readily available to you through connecting with Spirit, deceased loved ones and all those who are waiting to work with us on the Other Side.


For over a decade I have provided my services as a Forensic Oracle– aiding organizations, families and law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases. If you are looking for support in this area please contact me or the group I volunteer with, FindMeGroup.org

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