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Mission & Purpose


Predictions and visions are wonderful but my clients come to me for so much more. Through the help of Spirit I’m able to offer a well-balanced approach to your own personal journey of healing, discovery and expansion. My clients choose to work with me because of my focus on areas like past-lives, energetic-ties and soul-blocks. I also work as a Forensic Oracle by aiding organizations, families and law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases.


I love Spirit, it always leaves me amazed. The messages, the connection, the energy, the synchronistic happenings. My years of experience have shown me the endless possibilities of guidance and help available to all of us. You too will find that all we really need to do is be open to asking, learning and listening.


It is my desire to help connect you with Spirit; either directly through private readings or by participating in one of my online classes, guided meditations, events or workshops. I’m here to help you benefit from the insight readily available to you through connecting with Spirit, deceased loved ones and all those who are waiting to work with us on the Other Side.

About Laura

My name is Laura and I’m a psychic medium, clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and energy worker. I’m committed to helping others on their soul’s journey and I use my gifts to provide insight for meaningful change.

I offer readings with a focus on understanding your emotional/spiritual journey and resolving patterns so you may live your “best” life. This is my gift. Without fully understanding the wounds and the patterns that are at play it’s difficult to get to where you dream of going.
More About Me

Specialty Readings

  • Discover the karmic bonds and connections that your past-lives may be influencing in your current circumstances

  • Sometimes even our best efforts leave us feeling helpless and at a loss. Identifying Soul Blocks can help us move past these underlying themes

  • It’s the ability to scan a different location to obtain details, visions or situations that may have occurred elsewhere in location and time.

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • "I did not know what to expect when I first came to see you. I came with a friend and I sat in your waiting room, looking around at the art and decorations, awaited my turn. When I walked into the session room, I felt comfortable and a bit nervous (wondering what would come from this session, I had never participated in this type of session). I was floored. The information that flowed! I'll never forget the look on your face when they insisted on remaining on one particular subject (past lives) and yet you were right: they needed me to hear and know and I really did need to hear and know. You and your Guilds guided me to cut those last little cords so that I may proceed on my path. I did it and it felt soooooo wonderful. It was like a thousand pounds were taken off my back and I felt free. Free for the first time in years. Thank you Laura. I am so glad that I met you! "

    Lynn First Time Private Reading
  • "Having a reading from Laura is an experience I really look forward to. Having seen her for the past few years I can honestly say it has been a very positive experience which has brought me much peace in my life. She delivers her readings in a very caring, compassionate and sensitive manner. It is obvious to me that Laura genuinely cares about her clients and always makes them feel at ease. She truly wants you to live your best life! Thanks to her I have been able to connect with lost loved ones on the other side which is incredible affirmation of the after life. I have also taken her Psychic Development workshop and have found the subject matter fascinating. I always leave her feeling motivated and with an increased interest in discovering my own spirituality. She has an incredible gift, and I feel very fortunate to have found her."

    Kathy Ongoing Client for 5yrs+