Spirit Circle –Advanced

Gather in a supportive space designed to help each of us practice, expand and grow our gifts, while connecting with Spirit and those on The Other Side. This group is best for those with intermediate-advanced skills and experience, looking to connect with deeper energetics and exploration. Monthly Access Pass (2 sessions total, 2hrs each)



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Join other like-minded souls, previous students and professionals as we connect to Spirit and those on The Other Side in meaningful and powerful ways. Two separate groups available, based on experience and energetic expectations. Cost reflects Monthly Access Pass (access to two sessions per month, on a bi-weekly basis). See “which group should I register for” for more information on group-access and scheduling).


Formerly part of  ‘Development Groups’, Spirit Circle provides a safe place for us to practice, expand and grow our gifts together. As with traditional Spirit Circles, we gather together to form an energetic ‘circle’ that allows us to connect in heightened ways… delivering messages, receiving and offering healings as we are called to. Each of these sessions take place online (virtually, via Zoom) and are offered via two separate groups to account for the variance in experience/skill.

Who can participate?

Spirit Circle is open to all previous students, professionals and those with equivalent experience who wish to connect with an open heart and beautiful intentions.

“Which group should I register for?”

    • Group 1: (Beginner – Intermediate) For those with some experience but NEW to Spirit Circles. Click here to register for Spirit Circle. 
    • Group 2: (Intermediate – Advanced) For those with previous experience to Spirit Circles. Register for this group by clicking “purchase” above. 

Please email me if you’re uncertain which group is the best fit so I can direct you to the right group to support you.


How it works, what to expect:

Once you have registered you will be sent an email confirmation with our schedule + link to weekly Zoom meetings. On the day of the next Spirit Circle simply refer back to the email, and click the link to gain access. During each session we will ground, clear, connect and deliver/receive messages as guided and called to by Spirit and those on The Other Side. Unless explicit consent is given by other participants, all content is strictly confidential and asked not to be shared/recorded. Arrive with an open heart and mind.

Courtesy: Please arrive on time out of respect for the opening and closing of energy within each Spirit Circle.



  • $39 +HST . Full payment is required at time of registration and is non-refundable.
  • This is a MONTHLY ACCESS PASS, which gives you access to all sessions available per month in accordance with your group times/dates.


About your Teacher and Host:

Laura  is a compassionate and supportive teacher who shares her knowledge of spirit for the good of others. She is known for her ability to read the energy between you and spirit to help guide you to a better understanding of how to discern the messages you receive. She has helped guide hundreds of students through the process of understanding their gifts, developing a clear relationship with Spirit and empowered them to continue to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.


For more information, or further inquiries about which group is best suited for you please contact: info@lauratraplin.com