Soul Coding: Turning Up the Volume

Helps advanced users and practitioners tune into their unique soul coding, resonance and find alignment. (17 min)



Embark on a journey to find your soul’s unique resonance and vibration: your Souls Coding. When you find it, hidden in a room deep with a thick forest, you’re guided on how to ‘tune in’ and ‘turn up the volume’ bringing you into attunement. Messages and gifts from your guides follow.

This guided meditation was designed for Laura’s Advanced Mentoring groups, and is best for students and practitioners who are committed to furthering their developmental journeys.


Recommended for: Advanced | Part of the Advanced Mentorship series.


PREVIEW SAMPLE: (1:40 of 17:00  minutes)

Purchase Note: Upon purchase you may download this track for personal use. It has been created by Laura Traplin for students and clients to help connect with Spirit at all levels of their journey. For legal and courtesy purposes please do not sell or reproduce without explicit permission.


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