Setting Your Intentions (Professional)

Quickly connect with Spirit and your Higher Self to discover insight into your professional purpose. (7 min)



Experience the beautiful glow of your Heart and Crown chakras, empowering you to develop clarity and set clear intentions about your professional life. Be surrounded by a protective and supportive white light as Laura asks you “what is it that you’d like” on a professional, spiritual and  ‘of service’ level. Close off this meditation with positively charged affirmations, love and light.


Recommended for: General & Advanced | Part of the Advanced Mentorship series.

This guided meditation is best for those who already have some experience with meditation (quieting their mind, grounding) and knowledge of the chakras.


PREVIEW SAMPLE: (0:45 of 7:00 minutes)

Purchase Note: Upon purchase you may download this track for personal use. It has been created by Laura Traplin for students and clients to help connect with Spirit at all levels of their journey. For legal and courtesy purposes please do not sell or reproduce without explicit permission.


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