Sacred Path Readings

A Sacred Path reading weaves you through the layers of this lifetime as well as past lives that may be influencing your present day circumstances. Realizing and releasing the layers of energy held may allow for a better understanding of your chosen path, while honouring the steps and major milestones along the way (1 hour reading, via phone).  

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Phone Consultation


Have you ever wanted to know more about:

  • What your soul is here to do in this lifetime?
  • How your past lives influence your present day circumstances?
  • What connections you have with others in this lifetime and across other lifetimes?
  • Your soul theme and opportunities to realize it in this lifetime?
  • Clearing karmic ties and understanding soul contracts?

What to expect: Receive 1 hour of dedicated support to help guide you through impact and effects of past lives, soul contracts, life purpose and more. Benefit from the help of having a clear line of communication with Spirit, your guides and those on the Other Side. Truly illuminate what you’re being called to work on, be aware of and grow into. Please have a pen and paper ready if you wish to take notes as my readings ARE NOT RECORDED. (Other questions about what to expect during your reading? Check out the FAQ page

Booking, Cancellation & Rescheduling policy:  All appointments, cancellations and rescheduling (if available) must be made 48hrs in advance.


ALSO AVAILABLE: “General Readings”

Sacred Path readings are best for those who want to actively participate in their souls growth and evolution (including healing and transformation). If you are looking for a psychic or mediumship reading, I invite you to book a General Reading here.