Private Mentoring

Receive 1 hour of dedicated support, guidance and mentorship.

During these sessions we work to identify ongoing patterns, issues and obstacles occurring your life. In some sessions we may explore energetic imprints such as the effects of Past Lives, Karmic Bonds and Soul Contracts and offer resolution and healing where necessary. Throughout any/all of these sessions we work with Spirit and those on the The Other Side to help give you more direction, clarity and sense of purpose in this lifetime and others.

To BOOK MULTIPLE SESSIONS please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page and USE COUPON CODE “SUPPORTED” at checkout to RECEIVE 20% OFF ALL SESSIONS when you book (3) or more within a 6-week period (recommended for accelerated learning/progress).


Phone Consultation


Receive 1 hour of dedicated support, guidance and mentorship for all areas of your personal, professional and spiritual life. Explore past lives, understand soul contracts, soul/life purpose and more. Benefit from the help of having a clear line of communication with Spirit, your guides and those on the Other Side. Truly illuminate what you’re being called to work on, be aware of and grow into.

Method: Our Mentoring sessions typically take place over the phone (Zoom is available upon request).

What to expect: During these sessions we work to further develop your gifts by discerning and discussing your experiences with The Other Side, connection with Spirit and any clair’s that have already been developed. It is recommended that you have been a previous student or participated in a recent Online Class or Development Group.


How to book single sessions:

Simply select the date/time you would like to receive your session on, continue to checkout and confirm. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking, and a phone call from Laura Traplin on the date/time of your choosing.




  • FIRST SESSION: Identify what’s to be worked on,
  • SECOND SESSION: Work on energy and other modalities to facilitate this,
  • THIRD SESSION: Anchor in and wrap up.
  • (More sessions may be booked afterwards, it’s recommended to leave some time in between to fully integrate this new energy)

How to book multiple sessions (3-max):

Our scheduler only allows for one booking at a time, to help you book multiple sessions please follow these instructions:

  1. Use the calendar above to book your first session, proceed to checkout;
  2. Click “continue shopping”…
  3. This page will reload and you will now be scheduling your SECOND BOOKING.
  4. Repeat to book your THIRD BOOKING.


  • After your first booking you will be redirected to the shopping cart, if you do not see “Continue Shopping” please select “Specials > Private Mentoring” from the main menu at the top of the page, you will be redirected back to this page where you can select your second booking. Repeat this process for your third booking, and don’t forget to use the coupon code to receive 20% off.

Please note: to take advantage of the “SUPPORTED” (20%-off coupon code) you must book all 3 sessions within a 6-week period. 


Booking, Cancellation & Rescheduling policy:  All appointments, cancellations and rescheduling (if available) must be made 48hrs in advance.

For any further questions and inquiries please contact Laura by sending her an email ( or via her Facebook Business Page.