Grounded and Beautifully Connected

A beautiful, energizing walkthrough for students and practitioners to anchor their energy and connect with Spirit. (23 min)


“This is the most beautiful connection you can make, and you can do this anytime” –Laura Traplin, on empowering others to connect with Spirit



On this journey Laura takes a practical approach to how to help us connect with Spirit by walking us through:

  • The importance of Grounding
  • Setting our Intentions
  • Opening our chakras
  • Calling on the highest most benevolent forces to work with us
  • Communicating with Spirit towards our highest and greatest good
  • And finally, how to disconnect from Spirit when the time is right.

Recommended for: Beginners to Advanced.  | Bonus: Includes a personal interlude (a note from Laura on how she connects with Spirit herself).


PREVIEW SAMPLE: (1:15 of 23:00 minutes)


Purchase Note: Upon purchase you may download this track for personal use. It has been created by Laura Traplin for students and clients to help connect with Spirit at all levels of their journey. For legal and courtesy purposes please do not sell or reproduce without explicit permission.



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