Forensic Oracle Course (Intro level)

This introductory course focuses on developing skills related to: Forensic Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Psychic Tracking, Missing Persons and Cold Cases.

Next dates: TBA (4-week online course)


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Who this course is for:

This is an introductory level program intended to help individuals develop their psychic and mediumship abilities related to tracking, locations, situations/events, etc.

  • Are you interested in missing people or cold cases?
  • Have you had intuitive feelings about a situation, location or event?
  • Have your premonitions been accurate?
  • Are you prepared to exercise confidentiality, respect and moral principals when “tapping into” clues and cases?

This course is designed to help you tune into your own abilities and guide you through reliable means of garnering information about missing persons, places, cases, etc. (Please note: Laura’s insight is intended for support purposes only, she does not solve crimes). 


Class Outline

Class 01: “The Basics”

Class 02: “Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing”

Class 03: “Psychic Tracking/Forensic Mediumship”

Class 04: “Scans”


Each class will consist of:

  • Connecting live (via Zoom) to Laura Traplin and other group students taking the course with you.
  • Exercises to help you gain confidence in your connection and expand your abilities;
  • Live online practice during class;
  • Homework assignments in between classes.

Bonus/Optional: Additional access to select and premium Guided Meditations are available while you are a student of Laura Traplin’s. These Guided Meditations have been designed to help you easily connect to Spirit and further awaken your psychic/mediumship gifts. 


Dates and Time


Cost | How it Works

  • $156 +HST.   Full payment is required at time of registration and is non-refundable.
  • Once you purchase your seat in the course a zoom invite will be sent to your email prior to the course start date.


About your teacher:

Laura is a professional Psychic and Medium that has been volunteering for nearly a decade as an investigative profiler for the Findme organization. She’s supported individuals and families of missing loved ones, and has spent years investing in various professionally trained programs to be able to better serve their challenging circumstances. She now invites others to take their first steps into exploring their own gifts as potential forensic oracles too.