Clearing Your Energy

Connect, ground and clear your energetic fields.  A guided journey that cleanses and balances your aura, physical body and spiritual body (12 min)


“There are many ways we can clear our energy such as smudging, sea salt bath, being in nature (walking bare feet, hugging trees, etc.). These are all very grounding and help to clear our energy. This meditation takes it to another level, where we clear your energetic fields, your aura, your physical body and spiritual body” –Laura Traplin



Embark on a guided journey through a beautiful field. Meet spirit animals along the way and learn how to connect with divine light sources that help cleanse and rebalance our energetic bodies and fields. Leave feeling lighter, lifted and with sacred knowledge meant specifically for you along the way.


Recommended for: Beginner to Advanced | Type: Discovery, Cleansing, Balancing.


PREVIEW SAMPLE: (1:23 of 12min)


Purchase Note: Upon purchase you may download this track for personal use. It has been created by Laura Traplin for students and clients to help connect with Spirit at all levels of their journey. For legal and courtesy purposes please do not sell or reproduce without explicit permission.


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