Advanced Mentorship Program

A 10 week online program for experienced students looking to expand and further develop their innate and unique gifts.

NEXT PROGRAM: TBA (Wednesdays, 8:00pm-9:30pm EST).

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If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of energy and spirit communication, this program may be for you! Learn how to connect with ease. Establish a new-found confidence in your abilities. Fine tune how you connect using your unique gifts. This Program consists of 10 classes covered over a 10-week period (every Wednesday evening, when the program runs). Space is limited. 

Program Details:

Location: Online via zoom

Schedule: Next Dates to be Announced (Every Wednesday at 8:00pm-9:30pm EST, 10 weeks)

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This series of workshops is geared toward the individual who:

  • is actively offering services as a psychic, a medium, an intuitive, an energy worker or similar field;
  • is actively working on their development and wishes to take it to an advanced level;
  • has experience in this field and wishes further, in depth study, or to be of service to others;
  • wishes to learn the mechanics of psychic and mediumship
  • is interested in energy work and healing facilitated through guided meditations and inner work.

Program Outline

  • Week 01: “Working from the Heart”
  • Week 02: “Quiet Mind to receive and perceive from Spirit”
  • Week 03: “Wide Open – Expansion (Divine Instrument)”
  • Week 04: “Moving past Human Conditions”
  • Week 05: “Trusting yourself and Spirit”
  • Week 06: “Practical Application”
  • Week 07: “Fine Tuning your Gifts”
  • Week 08: “Setting Intentions”
  • Week 09: “Turning up the Volume”
  • Week 10: “Ascension”

This program may also open doors to a new understanding of yourself, your life journey and purpose!


(1) Scholarship Available

ONE (100% discounted) scholarship is available for the student or person who feels strongly that this program is for them and require a little extra support to help make it happen.  To apply for this scholarship or find more details CLICK HERE. The deadline to apply will be announced when this program runs again. Thank you to all who apply, I encourage you to take advantage of the early-bird pricing if/while it is available; after which the program will return to it’s regular cost. In the event that you have purchased your Program Pass and are the recipient of the scholarship a full refund will be issued to cover the cost. 


(NEW) Payment Plan Options

In an effort to help make some programs and courses more accessible, payment plans are now available in weekly and monthly settings. Click here for payment plan options;

*the dates reflected in the image above do not reflect the current program availability or dates*

Looking forward to sharing & working with you!