Private Mentoring Group #2

A (3 month, bi-weekly) PRIVATE GROUP series designed to help previous students continue to connect and develop their gifts. Each series allows for a specific focus on self-mastery, healing and communication with Spirit.


$129.00 / month for 3 months

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Spiritual Growth, Healing and Self Mastery happens even faster when we are connected with others who are working towards improving themselves and their abilities. Join together with previous students and other ambitious souls who are here to further develop their gifts and better understand how they can use them to be of service. Each series is 3 months long, with a specific focus on self-mastery, healing and communication with Spirit.


 To request admission or sign-up for the next series please email 48hrs before the course start date  *Late entries may be considered up until the night before the next series starts, on a case-by-case basis. 

Why is this a “closed group”? Much like a Spirit Circle, the energy we enter into with each other (and as a group) is important to honour and maintain. A regular (bi-weekly) commitment is required of each member for a period of 3 months at a time, to help ensure that the energy held and exchanged within each session develops it’s own unique resonance and integrity.

How many members per group? There are a maximum of 10 spots available in each group offering. This allows each participating member to have more one-on-one and practice time; it encourages deeper connections among members.

AVAILABILITY: This is the second of two groups available {the first group, on Thursday nights is currently full}.


Date & Times


Who this program is for:

  • Previous students (or those with equivalent experience)
  • Private Mentoring and Soul Path mentees.
  • Those who are seeking to further develop their intuitive, psychic, mediumship and energetic healing capabilities.


Each session will consist of:

  • Connecting live (via Zoom) to Laura Traplin and other members taking the program with you.
  • A guided meditation to help you connect to spirit and further awaken your psychic gifts;
  • Exercises to help you gain confidence in your connection and expand your abilities;
  • Live online practice during class;
  • Homework assignments in between classes.


Program & Series Cost

$129/month +HST for 3 months [Total of $387+tax]

This is a monthly-subscription based program, you will be charged $129/month starting on the date you register. Your second payment (of $129+tax) will be automatically charged to the same credit card you use to sign-up within 30 days, and again in 60 days. You will be charged a total of $387+tax. Your subscription will not auto-renew; you will be invited to register for the next 3 month program once it becomes available.

Program cost is non-refundable.


How it Works:

  • Email Laura to request admission to the next series you would like to participate in, if admitted a private link will be sent to you to register.
  • [Once the private link has been sent to you] Purchase and register your spot for the 3-month program. 
  • A zoom invite will be included in your original receipt; you may add the dates to your calendar or keep this receipt somewhere safe.
  • The night of our class show up ready to learn, connect and practice.


About your teacher:

Laura  is a compassionate and supportive teacher who shares her knowledge of spirit for the good of others. She is known for her ability to read the energy between you and spirit to help guide you to a better understanding of how to discern the messages you receive. She has helped guide hundreds of students through the process of understanding their gifts, developing a clear relationship with Spirit and empowered them to continue to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.