This Christmas we’re giving away more than just good cheer! 

There are THREE prizes to be won during this Holiday Giveaway: (1x) 1hr Private Reading and (2x) 30 minute Mentor Sessions. Enter now for your chance to win!


  1. Join Laura’s Mailing List by clicking the link below. 
  2. Like & Share the “Giveaway” post on Facebook and/or Instagram with your preference for which gift you’d most like to receive
  3. Multiple shares and/or tagging others will help increase your odds of winning as you help spread The Gift of Giving with others (see more details on this below). Shared enthusiasm is key!

THE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON DECEMBER 23rd, 2020 by 8:30pm EST via Facebook.  There  will be THREE SEPARATE WINNERS (one prize per winner). Winners will receive an email notification with instructions on how to redeem their gift within one month’s time.  Thank you for all who enter and share. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


What if I am already a member of Laura’s Mailing List? Go ahead and enter your email anyways to make sure you are included in the Giveaway pool. 

How do I find the post on Facebook or Instagram to share it? Visit Laura’s Instagram Page here and her Facebook Page here. Her most recent post should be the graphics you see at the top of this page; share that and you’re officially entered! Good luck!

Why will multiple shares increase my odds of winning? Because Laura’s team is trying to grow her reach in 2021 and beyond. She is positioning herself to work with larger organizations (did you know she helps work with organizations like FindMe to help find missing persons and work with law enforcement officers on cold cases?) Laura is dedicated to being a messenger on behalf of Spirit and has spent over 20 years teaching others how to access and develop their own gifts…

Extra shares = extra cares! Every extra share helps get the word out about her work and her ability to help others!