Laura Traplin is a psychic medium who is HERE TO HELP OTHERS LEARN & CONNECT WITH SPIRIT

As a Spirit Messenger I’m able to help find answers and offer direction. Throughout years of doing my own ‘inner work’ Spirit has helped guide me towards development of my own areas of specialization that have in turn been able to help others with their own unique circumstances and predicaments.

“This career path was not my plan; it was born from an unexpected life change that required tremendous inner strength…”


I had a preconceived idea of how my life was going to play out. My soul had a different plan. My path was redefined when I was 35, after we adopted our four year old son. Within a short timeframe, all plans and normalcy were exchanged for daily behavioural crises.

 Two years later, our son’s seven month old birth sister joined our family. The odds of her being placed with us despite residing in another province was nothing short of remarkable.

Within weeks of her arrival, our son started having flashbacks to the severe abuse and trauma he’d suffered in his early life. This led to two years of intensive therapy, hospitalization, and severe behaviour that made daily living an unbearable challenge. At the same time, our daughter was diagnosed with a global delay. I felt an overwhelming, utter sense of despair as I tried to manage the needs of my children, all while grieving the normality of my old life and the one I had hoped for.

One night, emotionally exhausted, I prayed for help, questioning my path and the meaning of my life. The next morning my son said: “Mom, I had an amazing dream. You were asking an important question and I was told to give you this answer – you’re the best mom I could ever have, please don’t give up.” This allowed me to believe in a benevolent force much bigger than myself. In my darkest hour I asked for help and received answers. I gained insight into past lives and soul contracts, and how relationships are beautifully yet sometimes painfully woven together from one lifetime to another, searching for healing. I felt the door to Spirit miraculously open. My mediumship and psychic abilities I had suppressed from my teen years were ignited.

Opportunities for the growth of our soul arrive when we least expect it. We can choose to embrace them or not. I chose to understand the meaning of my soul relationships. I chose to embrace my connection with Spirit. I chose love, compassion and understanding, for myself and others, and see life as a succession of gifts



What is your favourite thing about what you do in your career and why?
I’m passionate about working with people who are ready to realize and harness their unique gifts. For decades I’ve tuned into the potential that is hidden within others, including the polarity of emotional patterns creating the gap between wants versus opportunities realized. I love seeing people make big shifts!

What do you have going on that you’d like to share?
I offer development and mentorship opportunities where others can embrace and expand their intuition, psychic, or mediumship abilities and receive direction, clarity and a deeper sense of purpose into their lives. Sharing my gifts in teaching and mentorship platforms brings me joy.

What is your number one priority when it comes to your career and daily work?
Supporting others with compassion and gentleness; strength and encouragement.

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
Intrinsically knowing I’m in alignment and living my life purpose, and the connection I have with Spirit and supportive messages I receive.

If you could give your past self some advice, what would you tell yourself?
Be courageous and share your truth with strength and grace. Shine brightly. Don’t worry about others’ opinions or judgements. Trust your own intuition and inner strength.

“I’m passionate about helping others on their soul’s journey and using my gifts to provide insight for meaningful change”


I’m a Spirit Messenger; I’m able to help find answers and offer direction. Throughout years of doing my own ‘inner work’ Spirit has helped guide me towards development of my own areas of specialization that have in turn been able to help others with their own unique circumstances and predicaments;


I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient and am adept at remote viewing. During my readings, Spirit guides me to to 'tap into' each of these specially developed senses as a means of discovering and relaying information for my clients and audiences.


One of my most valuable gifts is Remote Viewing (seeing, sensing and knowing particulars in a different location and timeframe). This has been helpful in providing insight while working on missing person or cold cases (either directly with families and law enforcement or through my volunteer involvement with the FindMe-Group). It is helpful during readings when asked to verify or describe particular circumstances and situations.


Through communicating with deceased loved ones, I offer comfort and validation for the bereaved. Deceased loved ones ask me to relay specific messages and information to validate and send love to the client I am speaking with.

Volunteer Services

Visit my Volunteer Services page to read more about my involvement with the FindMe-Group (an organization that works closely with law-enforcement agencies to help locate missing persons). If you or someone you know requires these services please visit my contact page.