Soul Signature Course

Experience your Souls Journey in a new light. Explore Past Lives, Soul Contracts and Divine Mission with the help of Guided Meditations and learned experience over the course of Laura’s 15+years as a professional psychic medium.

COURSE RUNS: January 25th,  February 1st and 8th 2022 (8-9:30pm EST)

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Introduction: This course gives us the opportunity to walk through some of the key energetic influences impacting our current experiences. Whether you are a previous student or someone just beginning their journey, we all experience seasons and cycles in our life that ask us to revisit (heal/transmute) ‘old patterns’ and recognize recurring themes that can help guide us into better alignment with our Life Purpose and Divine Mission.


What to expect: This course is experienced in (3) Parts: Past Lives, Soul Contracts and Divine Mission. Each week we explore a different part, with equal parts learning and guided meditation so you can apply newfound guidance to your unique path.


Part 01) Past Lives

Have you ever wondered what past lives are?
How they play a role in your current lifetime and circumstances?
How you can have similar experiences at the same chronological timelines from one lifetime to another?
Why you hold the energetics of your past life experiences?
How you can learn so much from them, releasing patterns from many lifetimes?

Part 02) Soul Contracts

Soul contracts weave intimately with past lives as we can spend many lifetimes with the same souls and soul groups.
The purpose is for learning and growth of our souls. We can change relationships with these souls, who they are to us in one lifetime can shift to a different connection in another lifetime, to further our growth and understanding of our souls and soul mission.
Understanding soul contracts can provide insight into current relationships and circumstances, why we repeat relationship patterns, and how to see these relationships in a loving way, from a different level of purpose.

Part 03) Divine Mission

We all have a Divine Mission.
Have you ever wondered what yours is?
What your unique gifts are?
How others in your soul groups may be either helping you with your Divine mission or offering you growth through learning and resistance?
Your soul knows what your Divine Mission is. It’s been weaving through your energetics lifetime after lifetime.
Would you like to know more about yours and how to bring your Divine Mission to light in this lifetime?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please join me for my new workshop offering where we’ll cover these topics and more!


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About your Teacher and Host:

Laura  is a compassionate and supportive teacher who shares her knowledge of spirit for the good of others. She is known for her ability to read the energy between you and spirit to help guide you to a better understanding of how to discern the messages you receive. She has helped guide hundreds of students through the process of understanding their gifts, developing a clear relationship with Spirit and empowered them to continue to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.


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