Throughout her years as a professional Psychic & Medium Laura has earned an adoring reputation as being a voice of ‘compassion, guidance and gratitude’ for the bereaved, the curious and the lost.

In addition to private readings, Laura offers workshops, retreats & mentorship opportunities for those looking to develop their own psychic and mediumship abilities.

Laura is passionate about helping others and has committed herself to offering her services as a psychic medium and a remote viewer for organizations like FindMe (read more about this under Volunteer Services). 



Laura’s psychic experiences started in her teen years, but she kept pushing them away out of fear and lack of understanding. When a crisis occurred in her life, she had an “awakening” that changed her life profoundly.

She learned that life’s serious dilemmas and even day-to-day situations could be resolved or understood by asking for guidance. With the help of spirit she finds answers and direction and is passionate about sharing this with others.

Laura has been teaching and helping people evolve and understand their soul’s purpose for the past 15 years. She uses her gifts as an Intuitive to offer spiritual guidance for the highest good of all.

“I’m passionate about helping others on their soul’s journey and using my gifts to provide insight for meaningful change”


I’m a Spirit Messenger. With their help, I’m able to help find answers and offer direction. Throughout years of doing my own ‘inner work’ Spirit has helped guide me towards development of my own areas of specialization that have in turn been able to help others with their own unique circumstances and predicaments;


I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient and am adept at remote viewing. During my readings, Spirit guides me to to 'tap into' each of these specially developed senses as a means of discovering and relaying information for my clients and audiences.


One of my most valuable gifts is Remote Viewing (seeing, sensing and knowing particulars in a different location and timeframe). This has been helpful in providing insight while working on missing person or cold cases (either directly with families and law enforcement or through my volunteer involvement with the FindMe-Group). It is helpful during readings when asked to verify or describe particular circumstances and situations.


Through communicating with deceased loved ones, I offer comfort and validation for the bereaved. Deceased loved ones ask me to relay specific messages and information to validate and send love to the client I am speaking with.

Volunteer Services

Visit my Volunteer Services page to read more about my involvement with the FindMe-Group (an organization that works closely with law-enforcement agencies to help locate missing persons). If you or someone you know requires these services please visit my contact page.